Purchasing A Flat in Gurgaon- Make Sure It Is Vastu-Fit

07 December 2016

Purchasing A Flat in Gurgaon- Make Sure It Is Vastu-Fit
We all know that we all are surrounded by the unbalanced energies, which have direct and indirect effects on our day to day life. In fact, to keep these energies balanced, we do meditations and much more and we succeed too. But there is some other energy that is capable of ruing the peace and harmony of house, if you house is not vastu-fit. 
And if I say, Vastu-fit, then it includes the tips of the placement, colour, and interior of the house according to the Vastu. 

What is Vastu-Shastra?

It is an ancient practice that is capable of balancing the free energies of your house and works on the law of nature. It works on the theory of panch mahabhoota, which are five basic elements of nature that are supposed to be balanced in any of the affordable cheap flats in gurgaon you buy. This has become so important that even some of the builders nowadays are making Vastu-fit flats that have balanced Vastu. 

Some of the Vastu tips for you’re newly built flats in Gurgaon:

  1. The main entrance of the flat should face the Northeast direction. It is good sign of prosperity and better life. 
  2. Your master bedroom of the flat should be in the southwest direction. Otherwise, if you have two master bedrooms, then the other one should be at the top floor. 
  3. To have good effects on kids, the kids’ bedroom should be in North West or east direction. Also, the space of the kids’ room should be open and wide. 
  4. For the ladies, who love spending their most of the time in the Kitchen, the direction of the kitchen should in the Southeast corner. You must also avoid the location of the kitchen in Northeast direction. 
  5. If the girl is unmarried, the guest room should be in Northwest direction. It is said that the direction is very lucky for the unmarried girls. 
  6. The bath and toilets should be in west or south. The drains must flow in north-east. 
  7. Finally, the Pooja Ghar should be in Northeast direction facing the East, this is very prosperous for the house and its family members. 

Some other tips that might need your attention:

These were some of the important tips for the Vastu. But not all are covered. There are some of the builders those who are focusing on the importance of Vastu and incorporating it in every bit of the house. And, for your betterment, you should always buy those affordable cheap flats in Gurgaon that are built keeping in mind about the Vastu.
  1. The area of the flat either be rectangular or square. It always has four corners of the wall. 
  2. The doors of every room must open in the north east, and should be towards the walls. 
  3. Those flats where the doors are facing towards the lifts are not at all good. Avoid them.
  4. The flats should always be at the T-point. The dead-ends are not good. 
  5. The colour combination of the house should be light and eye soothing. 
  6. Red colours must be avoided for the master bedroom. In fact, it should nowhere be used. The red colour actually has the fire element. 
So, with all these Vastu tips, I hope I have shared some of the essential tips. For more, you can contact to builder of the flats, with whom you are registering your flats. In fact, before approaching the builder, you can simply learn the floor plans at your end so that you are kept safe and vastu-fit.