Apex Our Home Affordable Housing

21 December 2016

Apex Our Home Affordable Housing
Now your housing issues can be solved as Apex our home projects have hit the real estate market. Now you will be able to get the perfect solutions for your residence and that too in the best locality. Before venturing into real estate, Apex has done pretty much for the hospitality industry and now it is coming in the field for further development in real estate. Now that in Gurgaon this real estate has come up with the best options. On Dwarka Expressway, you will be getting the best deals as you will be opting for buying residences here. There are certain characteristics of the place that will make sure that this is the best place for you to stay. So far the residential apartments in gurgaon are concerned; this one can be the best option for all.
The locale is a very important part of staying somewhere. This part of Gurgaon is quite calm and serene and yet, you will be able to find all the transportation options from here as well. Along with that the schools and hospitals are also in the nearby regions. Therefore, leading a perfect life is possible here. You will also get a perfect option buying a flat there as well. Among the best affordable flats in gurgaon, this project happens to be the best. There are different kinds of apartments that are available here, some of them are the residential ones and some are for housing projects. You can choose as per your requirement and accordingly come to the conclusion regarding what to buy and what not to. You can buy affordable flats in gurgaon now and for the purchase  of this project there are certain benefits that you will be having here.

Bellow are mentioned some of them:

  1. You will get the apartments at the fixed rate of 4000 INR per Sq. Ft. so far the carpet area is concerned. This rate is fixed by the Government of Haryana only.
  2. You will not have to provide any extra charges like: IDC/ EDC/Car Parking/PLC or the Club Charges.
  3. The allotment of the projects will be drawn by the government.
  4. For the next 5 years, the maintenance charge is free.
  5. For the next 42 months, the payment plan deferred.
  6. The delivery will be within 4 years and there will not be any kind of delay in it.
  7. For purchasing the property, you will be able to have the bank finance of 805 maximum.
  8. You will be getting free two wheeler parking
No doubt that these features are perfect for the ones who want to have the purchasing done without any kind of complication. This is the best deal in affordable housing projects in gurgaon. Apex Our Home has made sure that you get all the options for a perfect home, a home you can live and feel comfortable. This is the reason that you will be getting the finest options right here. No doubt that the residential apartments in gurgaon can be proper here.
Now let us have look at the different services and features that you will be having in your house in Apex Our home properties.
  1. You will be having standby power supply of 100% captivity.
  2. Intelligent fire detection system is installed here and that is most assuring for the times of emergency.
  3. Installations of the water pipelines have been done there as well.
  4. There is setting for rain water harvesting in here.
  5. You will be able to join the activities of the club houses or community centers here.
  6. There are options for the reserved parking or visitor parking here.
  7. Water treatment and sewage plants are installed here.
  8. There will be solid water management here.
  9. You will be getting plenty of open areas also in here.